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EWTS To Tibetan Converters

This document describes the EWTS->Tibetan converters built atop Jskad.  These converters were initially written by David Chandler, a volunteer with the Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library, from 2003-2005.  They built upon the work of Tony Duff, Edward Garrett, Than Garson, and Andrés Montano Pellegrini. (Please forgive any omission from this list.)

These converters accept transliteration in Latin alphabet conforming to the Extended Wylie Transliteration Scheme (EWTS) proposed by THDL.

The converters were built by retrofitting the ACIP->Tibetan converters with support for EWTS since both are Latin-alphabet transliteration schemes. The two are quite different (greedy stacking vs. explicit stacking, handling of U+0F68, disambiguation character, etc.). The EWTS converters are not yet as trustworthy as the ACIP converters because they've not been as well tested.

To learn more about how to use the converters via either the GUI or command-line interface, please see the documentation for the ACIP->Tibetan converters and keep in mind the various differences in transliteration rules. If you find this documentation lacking, please e-mail the developers and let them know that, giving as many details as possible.


Both the EWTS->Tibetan converters and this document are released under the THDL Open Community License Version 1.0.

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